Create eNewsletter using flashissue

  1. Sign in to Flash Issue at You can sign in using your Google account. Don’t have a google account yet? Sign up one here.
  2. Click on + New Email
  3. Enter the email address of your recipients and an appropriate subject header. Please note that you can only send email to an email address that you have saved in a mailing list on your gmail account. You might want to save your work email account on gmail to send to yourself before you resend out the email.
  4. Next, you will see a few tabs on the right sidebar. These tabs are My Stuff, Clipped, and Stories.
    My Stuff enables you to grab several articles or posts from a single URL or RSS Feed. E.g. if you paste to My Stuff, Flashissue will pull several articles available from that URL.

    Clipped enables you to view the articles that you have “clipped” using Flashissue’s clipper tool. This tool is only available on Chrome browser at the moment.

    For Stories, you will have to provide the exact URL to be able to pull the article or blog post. So instead of, you will have to paste

    Select either My Stuff or Stories tab and enter the URL

  5. You will see the articles being pulled up by Flashissue. Next, drag and drop the articles (on the left menu) to the Article box (on the right).


  6. Select and enter the following components for your newsletter (optional)
    1. Upload a Banner (Choose any appropriate image file)
    2. Enter the Title
    3. Using the text editor, enter an Introduction
    4. Enter a Footer
  7. Click Preview to view your Newsletter. Make changes as necessary by revisiting Steps 3 to 6.
  8. Click on “Send Email” to email the newsletter to recipients in the mailing list.


Tips: Use the FlashIssue Clipper (available on Chrome webstore or simply go to this url: to save blog & web articles you find online and create a newsletter or newsletter template. It’s a content curation tool designed to save your time.

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