Thing 1 : Twitter (Wrap up)

We would like to thank everyone who joined today’s Twitter conversation held at 10:30 am. It was a blast! We enjoyed ourselves (@lib_bear_ian and @meme_at_work). Social media indeed makes it easy for people from all over the world to chat and share information quickly. Remember, it’s YOU–the community–who will drive this project and not US. 🙂 Special thanks again to @Aarontay for helping us out.

For those who missed the session, click here for the archived tweets. We have also embedded the live feeds for hashtag #23mthingsphsg here.

Since this is our first time to facilitate a Twitter conversation for 23 Mobile Things: PH & SG, we would very much appreciate your feedback. Please share your experience with us using the reply comments for this posting. We also would like to do a quick poll as to what do you think is a good schedule for our online sessions.

Which time slot/schedule would you prefer for our online sessions?

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For those aiming for the WALL OF FAME, remember to submit your name and URL. Stay tuned for the next “Things” and online activities.

Quick Summary of today’s sharing :

Twitter tips shared :

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