There and back again: 23 Mobile Things

by Kathryn Barwick, Jan Holmquist and Mylee Joseph

In 2013 we spent several months adapting the concept of #23mobilethings from an in-house program at Guldborgsund-bibliotekerene in Danish into an English language #23mobilethings course that was available for anyone around the world to study at their own pace, with encouragement to adapt it for further use for their colleagues and library clients.

Along the way we discovered ….

  • The power of Creative Commons licences to allow something like this course to begin small and local, and to grow and spread around the world, becoming better and better as it travels and evolves
  • The various tools and methods of communication that allow you to work effectively with colleagues around the world, including: Time Zone Converter ( ), Doodle ( ), Google docs, Google + hangouts, Skype, a sense of humour and the ability to ask good questions!
  • How challenging it is to cope with a BYOD (bring your own device) audience.  We tried not to favour any particular mobile operating system or type of mobile device.
  • That adopting mobile technology in your working life can lead to greater efficiency (especially answering messages and email on the go), provide new tools for collaboration and makes you think about your workflows and procedures differently
  • That technology is moving fast … keeping up with new apps, new devices and upgraded operating systems is going to be an ongoing challenge for all of us.

We’re delighted to have colleagues in Singapore, Philippines and many other places around the world joining the #23mobilethings adventure.

A personal and very encouraging voice message to all of you by Ms Mylee Joseph from Sydney. =)

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