Thing #7 : Communication (Wrap up)

Here’s the wrap up for Thing 7 # Communicate. We had a bash over Hangout+ last saturday (1st March). Thanks Yuyun for facilitating and mentoring and even archiving the conversation and creating a sweet little video clip just for #23mthingsphsg.

See below for the archived transcript with all the typos and grammatical errors!! ^_-)

Eimee Lagrama, zarah gagatiga and 5 others joined the conversation

Karryl n Joan – 10:30 AM
Added those with green light
Hi everyone!!!!

Karryl Sagun joined the conversation Karryl Sagun – 10:31 AM
Good morning!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

zarah gagatiga – 10:31 AM
Hi all!

Joan Wee – 10:32 AM
Image 10.07.31 pm

zarah gagatiga – 10:32 AM
How cute! How do you do that

Perseus Rex Molina joined the conversation

Joan Wee – 10:33 AM
I add sticker. It is the emoticon. Zarah, are u using mobile or desktop?

zarah gagatiga – 10:34 AM
I’m using mobile ๐Ÿ™‚ – 10:34 AM
Good morning! ๐Ÿ™‚

Karryl Sagun – 10:34 AM
Hello Ms Z and Raf! ๐Ÿ™‚

Yuyun W – 10:34 AM
Image 10.08.39 pm gud morning everyone

Joan Wee – 10:34 AM
Good morning! Whose that?

zarah gagatiga – 10:34 AM
I have deleted games in my mobile and added apps I’m learning from 23mthings ๐Ÿ™‚

Karryl Sagun – 10:34 AM
Thanks for joining this morning’s hangout. Meet Yuyun, our mentor for this week.

Joan Wee – 10:35 AM
Zarah, click on the paper clip icon beside the input box

Xiu Ru Lim – 10:35 AM
Good morning everyobe!

Yuyun W – 10:35 AM
Image 10.09.13 pm should not delete games!!! i keep all my games and deleted other things Image 10.09.17 pm

zarah gagatiga – 10:35 AM
Image 10.09.43 pm

Karryl Sagun – 10:35 AM
Hahaha the gamer is now angry :))

Joan Wee – 10:35 AM
Cool!!!! We are happy to hear that.

Karryl Sagun – 10:35 AM
Good morning Xiu Ru!!

Yuyun W – 10:36 AM
huh, wait till the GAMES thing Image 10.10.03 pm

zarah gagatiga – 10:36 AM
But I kept PVZ and Snoopy’s Roller Coaster Ride ๐Ÿ™‚

Joan Wee – 10:36 AM
Morning xiu ur and raf, let us know if you are using mobile or web?

Yuyun W – 10:36 AM
Image 10.11.12 pm – 10:37 AM
Im using mobile ๐Ÿ™‚

Karryl Sagun – 10:37 AM
Raf are you in the library? Heehee

zarah gagatiga – 10:38 AM
I didn’t delete Frozen Free Fall and Sprinkle. I think there are more apps to download and mobile is only 32G – 10:38 AM
Haha no. Im still in my bed hahaha

Karryl Sagun – 10:38 AM
Ahhh I love frozen free fall! :))))

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zarah gagatiga – 10:38 AM
So, I’m freeing up space for more apps I’m learning in 23mthingsphsg

Karryl n Joan – 10:39 AM
Hi five

Karryl Sagun – 10:39 AM
Hahaha @raf

Eimee Lagrama – 10:39 AM

Karryl Sagun – 10:39 AM
Hi eimee

Yuyun W – 10:39 AM
hola Image 10.11.18 pm

Joan Wee – 10:39 AM
Hi Eimee

Karryl Sagun – 10:39 AM
Eimee is also one of the mentors for 23mthingsphsg

Joan Wee – 10:39 AM
I heart frozen free fall too.

zarah gagatiga – 10:39 AM
Just so you know, I am at the Rizal library today chaperoning our grade 11s for their research day.

Karryl Sagun – 10:40 AM
She is doing curating with Carina Samaniego
Does Rizal Lib miss me already?? Haha. I’ll be there later today.

Xiu Ru Lim – 10:40 AM
Joan – im using mobile. Pardon my lagginess

Karryl Sagun – 10:41 AM
Xiu Ru it seems its an issue in Google hangouts. Earlier today we (joan, I, yuyun) were comparing hangouts with Skype and Facetime

Joan Wee – 10:41 AM
Xiu ru. No worries. me too. I need my keyboard. Grrrrrrr

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Yuyun W – 10:42 AM
joan, it’s not keyboard matters – it’s called ‘fat finger syndrome’ Image 10.12.59 pm

zarah gagatiga – 10:42 AM
Karryl, I’ll be here till 3pm ๐Ÿ™‚

Joan Wee – 10:42 AM
Argh…….I need to lose weight

Eimee Lagrama – 10:42 AM
“fat finger syndrome” LOL.

Xiu Ru Lim – 10:43 AM
But it might get better w time, but thanks for sharing this w everyone – yuyun, karryl and joan! Image 10.15.27 pm

Karryl Sagun – 10:43 AM
Joan just exercise your fingers through frozen free fall HAHA

Joan Wee – 10:43 AM
Image 10.13.44 pm

Yuyun W – 10:43 AM
Image 10.14.22 pm

Joan Wee – 10:44 AM

Xiu Ru Lim – 10:44 AM
Image 10.14.32 pm
Joan Wee – 10:44 AM So cute!!!!

Yuyun W – 10:44 AM
okay guys and gurls, good morning all. As you’ve experimented yourself, Hangouts can be used for group chat and sending files (pics, videos, etc.)

enca04 joined the conversation

zarah gagatiga – 10:46 AM
I’m already overwhelmed with the number of apps we can use! GAH.

Richard Paul Dimalanta joined the conversation

Yuyun W – 10:46 AM
we are going to have abt 14 people in this Hangout, so if things are a bit slow, please bear with Joan & Karryl Image 10.15.27 pm

Karryl n Joan – 10:46 AM

Yuyun W – 10:47 AM
Zarah, by the end of the day, i think we just keep what we need.

Xiu Ru Lim – 10:47 AM
Let me go make some virtual coffee for everyone! Image 10.15.27 pm

Yuyun W – 10:48 AM
“Apps” also has to go through survival of the fittest – those not widely used, will probably disappear themselves. So, no stress Image 10.16.14 pm
thanks Xiu Ru, mine is with milk and sugar Image 10.16.19 pmย pls

Joan Wee – 10:48 AM
WANT. Said the caffeine addict

zarah gagatiga – 10:49 AM
Off topic: Karryl, my student can’t find resource on Sin Tax. Would the CIPA be useful?

Joan Wee – 10:49 AM
Yup. doo just died on me!!!!

Yuyun W – 10:49 AM
okay, am going to activate the video. Those who can’t see the video / lagging, you can still type text here

Joan Wee – 10:50 AM
Ok. I go put on my make up. :p

Xiu Ru Lim – 10:51 AM
Ok im deactivating it because Im at the coffee shop!

Richard Paul Dimalanta – 10:52 AM
I cant install the video app. Im at the office, the proxy might be interfering the installation.

Yuyun W – 10:52 AM
okie richard, noted

Perseus Rex Molina – 10:52 AM
Hello everyone! So this is Hangouts. First time to try it since I’m still on Google Talk… X-D

Xiu Ru Lim – 10:53 AM

Richard Paul Dimalanta – 10:53 AM
Surprisingly, this is also my first time to use hangouts. Haha.

Yuyun W – 10:53 AM
allo allo all

Karryl Sagun – 10:53 AM
Hi sorry for being MIA for a few minutes. Lost my Internet connection -Karryl
Fixing it atm Image 10.16.14 pm

Yuyun W – 10:54 AM
okay fellas
we are discussing the benefit of the benefit of video conference

Karryl Sagun – 10:54 AM
Is everyone on video now??? Hahaha -Karryl

Richard Paul Dimalanta – 10:55 AM
Nope. Can’t install the video app. The proxy here might be interfering the installation

Yuyun W – 10:55 AM
we have 4 people on video

Richard Paul Dimalanta – 10:55 AM
Guys, Im trying to register on the available online reg form at your website. I cant find the submit/register button. Hehe

Yuyun W – 10:56 AM
Xiu ru runs away since she’s at coffee shop

Eimee Lagrama – 10:56 AM
i hope it works. do i havve to put on make up???? Wait, I’ll put on my costume last night. Image 10.15.27 pm

Xiu Ru Lim – 10:56 AM

Karryl n Joan – 10:56 AM
“runs away”??? Hahaha!

Xiu Ru Lim – 10:57 AM
It is easy to tell everyone’s location! Image 10.15.27 pm Image 10.15.27 pm – 10:57 AM
I just woke up so this might not be the best time for a video call hahahahaha

Karryl Sagun – 10:58 AM
Okay everyone, how do you find Hangouts so far?? This is something different than our usual. Twitter convo. ๐Ÿ™‚

Xiu Ru Lim – 10:58 AM Hahaha!

Karryl n Joan – 10:58 AM
No worries….u can use your profile picture instead

Yuyun W – 10:58 AM
i was just explaining to zarah, that in vid conference we can di-activate the video

Karryl Sagun – 10:58 AM
Also, pardon the typos… i am on mobile too. ;))

Xiu Ru Lim – 10:58 AM
It is fun and much better? Just that atm i need subtitles

Yuyun W – 10:58 AM
‘fat-finger-syndrom’ – forgiven

Xiu Ru Lim – 10:58 AM
Faster i meant

Karryl Sagun – 10:59 AM
Hahaha i think everyone in #23mthingsphsg has the fat finger syndrome

Richard Paul Dimalanta – 10:59 AM
Hangouts is way cooler! Haha. I mean, becoz its integrated in the web browser itself. So you can have browse
the web and still have hangouts lingering in your browser. Hehe

Karryl Sagun – 10:59 AM
Yeah xiu ru, I agree, faster pace than Twitter convo. ๐Ÿ™‚
True, @richard… But then we can’t “storify” our convos… How do we archive this, mentor yuyun? ๐Ÿ™‚

Darrel Manuel Marco joined the conversation

Yuyun W – 11:01 AM
am recording the convo with camtasia Image 10.15.27 pm
will also archive the whole conversation

zarah gagatiga – 11:01 AM
Oh, my fingers are slender now. Hahahaha!

Karryl Sagun – 11:02 AM
Ooh cool! Better be careful with what we say now… LOLJK
Has anyone used Skype here? How does it compare to Hangouts, in your experience?

Darrel Manuel Marco – 11:02 AM

Karryl Sagun – 11:02 AM
Hi, Darrel! :)))

enca04 – 11:02 AM
Hi guys!

Karryl Sagun – 11:03 AM
Hi, Carina!

Perseus Rex Molina – 11:03 AM
yeah, I see history of past chats here. know any way to export them just in case? Image 10.16.14 pm

Karryl n Joan – 11:03 AM
Hi everyone

Karryl Sagun – 11:03 AM
Darrel and. Carina will be our mentors in the future… ๐Ÿ™‚

Yuyun W – 11:03 AM
heheheheh Image 10.23.47 pm

zarah gagatiga – 11:03 AM
Hey! More people are joining!

Karryl Sagun – 11:03 AM
So be nice to them in this Hangout… Heehee. ;))))

Yuyun W – 11:03 AM
there is this setting button on the top right corner it has option to archive

Perseus Rex Molina – 11:04 AM
what happens when you click archive? in our gmail when we click it email gets removed from the main inbox. X-D

Richard Paul Dimalanta – 11:04 AM
Yah. I see it!

Eimee Lagrama – 11:05 AM
my mic’s on mute because you’ll hear all our pets…

Darrel Manuel Marco – 11:05 AM
I tried clicking archives and I got lost

Karryl Sagun – 11:05 AM
Haha our dog is here with me too. :))

Darrel Manuel Marco – 11:05 AM

Joan Wee – 11:06 AM
Take a pic of your dog

Richard Paul Dimalanta – 11:06 AM
Whats good about hangout is that when you archive the convo. because its integrated to gmail, it is saved there. So even when your computer crashes or delete the app, your important conversations are saved!
Thanks to google

Perseus Rex Molina – 11:06 AM
yup, I tried clicking “archive”, and a previous conversation with someone disappeared from the list…

Yuyun W – 11:06 AM
thanks richard

Perseus Rex Molina – 11:06 AM
ooohh. so it will still be in GMail. I see. Thanks, ‘Chad… Image 10.24.43 pm

Darrel Manuel Marco – 11:07 AM
saw it! thanks Chad!

Joan Wee – 11:07 AM
Cool. Some libraries are using it for reference work will you consider hangout for your library?

Yuyun W – 11:08 AM
just leave the call and let’s all go back to text for a mo

Karryl Sagun – 11:08 AM
Why not? Our students might prefer Facebook chat, though! Haha

Xiu Ru Lim – 11:08 AM
Yes i would

Karryl Sagun – 11:08 AM
A good connection is important though

enca04 – 11:08 AM
(looks around) so…this is Hangout! Never thought I have this in my device! Hahaha.

Joan Wee – 11:08 AM
Sure!! Google hangout is really testing my multi tasking skills

Xiu Ru Lim – 11:08 AM
Good for archiving and i think more ‘formal’ for a library

Karryl Sagun – 11:08 AM
Good = fast and steady

Eimee Lagrama – 11:09 AM
it can be done in our library. why not?

Yuyun W – 11:09 AM
i like facebook chat, but there are certain things that need vid conference

Karryl Sagun – 11:09 AM
It’s also useful for one to many consultations, especially if people are in different locations

Perseus Rex Molina – 11:09 AM
since hangouts is already integrated with Google Apps that many libraries are using now, it might be easier forย reference… you can refer back to previous conversations without using other sites/apps.

Xiu Ru Lim – 11:10 AM
Agree w perseus!

Mark Elizier Pineda, Nestor D. Mores, Jr. and 6 others joined the conversation

Yuyun W – 11:11 AM
eeeekkk.. we’ve 24 peeps in here Image 10.26.35 pm

Richard Paul Dimalanta – 11:11 AM
Actually, Facebook has a video call app integrated to its messenger

Karryl n Joan – 11:11 AM
I like the screen casting. It helps for more complex steps.

Yuyun W – 11:11 AM
Image 10.26.39 pm welcome everyone. this is my first time hosting such a big group in hangouts

Richard Paul Dimalanta – 11:11 AM
But I think this is more formal and more appropriate to institutions

Karryl Sagun – 11:11 AM
Yeah I tweeted about the number of participants

Joan Wee – 11:12 AM

Karryl Sagun – 11:12 AM
Hope more people can join. Heehee
Hope we’re not giving you a hard time, mentor Yuyun

Yuyun W – 11:12 AM
hard time??? my fingers are going to lose 5 kg!!!

Darrel Manuel Marco – 11:12 AM
sorry I cannot accept video calls as I am having problems with my net connections right now – 11:12 AM
Question: Is there any difference with the chat function in Gmail and Hangout? Or their just the same

Karryl Sagun – 11:12 AM Hahhaa
No prob, darrel. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Xiu Ru Lim – 11:13 AM
What do i do abt the missed video call?

Yuyun W – 11:13 AM
pretty much the same rafael
if you are referring to google talk (the old version of hangout), then it’s slightly different – 11:13 AM
Because usually we use google chat at work but since im mobile after work i still received chat messages from my gmail account at work

Richard Paul Dimalanta – 11:13 AM
Gmail started with the google talk

Perseus Rex Molina – 11:14 AM
Hangout is integrated in GMail. Unless you haven’t yet upgraded to Hangouts and you are still using Google Talk…

Richard Paul Dimalanta – 11:14 AM
But they upgraded it to hangouts bcause it is integrated wuith your contacts in gmail and also in your google plus account

Joan Wee – 11:14 AM
I notice hangout chat can be set public so anyone can invite anyone. That might be one difference. I am not so familiar with hangout. Learning a lot today. ๐Ÿ™‚ – 11:14 AM
Yes Google Talk

Karryl Sagun – 11:14 AM
Me too… Even the history of hangouts is being discussed. Cool – 11:14 AM
I see

Xiu Ru Lim – 11:14 AM
That is a major plus, thanks for sharing joan! – 11:14 AM
Thanks for the info Chad and Rex

zarah gagatiga – 11:14 AM
Sorry was out for a few mins

Yuyun W – 11:15 AM
Perseus is right – unless you haven’t upgraded your google talk

zarah gagatiga – 11:15 AM
Had to assist a student who didn’t bring an ID

Richard Paul Dimalanta – 11:15 AM
Yes Ms Joan. But at least they have an opion to decline an invite for conversation if you dont know the person whos trying to chat wioth you

Karryl Sagun – 11:15 AM

Yuyun W – 11:15 AM
okay, zarah, give that student a dirty look from me Image 10.27.50 pm

Karryl Sagun – 11:15 AM
Hope rizal lib is treating your students well, miss z. ๐Ÿ™‚

Perseus Rex Molina – 11:16 AM
I think what’s missing in Hangouts is the ability to text contacts from the PC? You can do that in Talk. That’s why Iย haven’t upgraded yet. X-D

Joan Wee – 11:16 AM
O.. I didn’t know that function

Yuyun W – 11:17 AM
ok, a video conference is starting now
okay, video conference was stopped due to too much background noises

Darrel Manuel Marco – 11:18 AM
so sad I couldn’t join the video conference

Karryl n Joan – 11:18 AM
I tried to join, but I think my connection is not cooperating Image 10.29.15 pmย – Karryl I see Joan’s and Xiu Ru’s profiles, though

Yuyun W – 11:19 AM
i’ve never tried that before, Perseus

Perseus Rex Molina – 11:19 AM
Yup. That sounded like SETI looking for extraterrestrial life in space… X-D

Yuyun W – 11:19 AM
perhaps because there are many chat tools – hence we live with ones that we’re comfortable with

Joan Wee – 11:19 AM
ET showing tonight at 7pm in singapore

Xiu Ru Lim – 11:20 AM
I just realised that it drains the phone batt pretty quickly Might be a limitation for a group of users on the go!

Joan Wee – 11:20 AM
Video chat will

Yuyun W – 11:20 AM
the vid chat may drain batts

Karryl Sagun – 11:20 AM
Guess what, i haven’t seen ET yet *hides in shame*

Perseus Rex Molina – 11:21 AM
@Yuyun: we’ve been given 50 text credits, replenishable by 5 texts if someone directly replied to the Talk number instead of your phone number.

zarah gagatiga – 11:21 AM
Haha! Karryl! We have 28 students this time! Last year, we had only 12 kids

Perseus Rex Molina – 11:21 AM @Karryl: whut. that’s a classic!

Yuyun W – 11:22 AM
Perseus, o, i c. I suppose Google talk tries to beat Skype

Karryl Sagun – 11:22 AM
I know. ;__;

Xiu Ru Lim – 11:22 AM
Joan can you see your coffee? Image 10.15.27 pm
Image 10.30.25 pm

Yuyun W – 11:22 AM
well, sometimes google just dont get it right Image 10.24.43 pm

zarah gagatiga – 11:22 AM
Video conferencing and chat tools would be good to try in conferences for off site participants.

Karryl Sagun – 11:22 AM
Wow, that’s good to hear, ms z

Perseus Rex Molina – 11:22 AM
@Karryl: you missed the cuteness that is young Drew Barrymore! X-D

Karryl Sagun – 11:22 AM
Yeah yeah I will watch it later! :))) dunworry

Xiu Ru Lim – 11:22 AM
Karryl. This one’s for tou!
Image 10.30.53 pm

Darrel Manuel Marco – 11:23 AM
fone home

Richard Paul Dimalanta – 11:23 AM
This can be best utilized for consortiums, meetings

Karryl Sagun – 11:23 AM
Awwww thanks xiu ru!! So cute!! :))

Perseus Rex Molina – 11:23 AM
yup. avoid traffic. just do inter-institutional meetings virtually. hahaha. – 11:24 AM
Me too! I havent seen ET….(i can imagine Perseus facial reaction) haha

Joan Wee – 11:24 AM
Thanks xiu ru. Gulp!!!!!

Karryl n Joan – 11:24 AM
This has been quite an experience, doing Google+ Hangouts with this group Image 10.16.14 pm

Karryl Sagun – 11:24 AM
Let’s watch in Cebu, raf

zarah gagatiga – 11:24 AM
ET is a childhood indulgence!!!

Joan Wee – 11:24 AM I enjoy it!!!!

Karryl n Joan – 11:25 AM
I hate to cut it short but as they say, – 11:25 AM
@Karryl, game!

Karryl n Joan – 11:25 AM
all good things have to come to an end… Image 10.32.27 pmย  Before we end this hangout, we would like to hear your thoughts about this experience
What do you think of Google+ Hangouts? How was your Hangout experience today?

zarah gagatiga – 11:26 AM
I am utilizing my mobile device more!

Karryl n Joan – 11:26 AM
Any key learning you would like to share?

Xiu Ru Lim – 11:26 AM
It was fun and helps with the icebreaking somewhat of geographically scattered grps – if used informally Image 10.32.31 pm

Joan Wee – 11:26 AM Agree!!!

Yuyun W – 11:26 AM FUN ftw !! Image 10.15.27 pm

Richard Paul Dimalanta – 11:26 AM
I enjoyed it! It was fun exploring the capabilities of hangouts

Perseus Rex Molina – 11:27 AM
It’s a very viable solution for communicating! Have to explore more, though, issues and whatnot. Image 10.15.27 pm

zarah gagatiga – 11:27 AM
My subscription to SMART and buying an iPhone has been worth it! Thanks to you guys!

Darrel Manuel Marco – 11:27 AM
I enjoyed the options of Hangout. Although it just really need a good internet connection.

Karryl n Joan – 11:27 AM Awww Image 10.33.57 pm

Joan Wee – 11:27 AM
Multi group chats function. Good for multi tasking.

Richard Paul Dimalanta – 11:27 AM
Found out you can even use it for promotions. Ahahahaha
Image 10.34.28 pm

Karryl Sagun – 11:28 AM
Shameless plugging, @richard!!! Hahahaha

Joan Wee – 11:28 AM

Xiu Ru Lim – 11:28 AM
Yes! I didnt get to see thr screen sharing bit but i heard you all discussing abt it?

Richard Paul Dimalanta – 11:28 AM
Yah. Sorry. Cant help it. Haha

Xiu Ru Lim – 11:28 AM
Would be a good plus for formal discussions

zarah gagatiga – 11:28 AM
Hangout can bridge & connect people from varied geographical locations. It has easier interface design too

Karryl Sagun – 11:28 AM
Tried screencasting with Yuyun yesterday

Perseus Rex Molina – 11:28 AM
If you don’t have a copy of ET, I’ll bring it in ALAM. hahaha.

Joan Wee – 11:28 AM
Yup…possible to. Good for reference and tech support

Eimee Lagrama – 11:28 AM
it’s a great way to get in touch to users near and far, and since a lot of use already use google apps, it’s pretty easy!

Karryl Sagun – 11:28 AM
It’s very useful for remotely assisting users with technical problems

Xiu Ru Lim – 11:29 AM
Totally, karryl!

Karryl Sagun – 11:29 AM
Thank God for Google! <3 haha

Perseus Rex Molina – 11:29 AM
Google is Image 10.34.45 pm

Xiu Ru Lim – 11:29 AM

Karryl Sagun – 11:29 AM

Richard Paul Dimalanta – 11:29 AM
Using it on my phone right now and its more seamless. Note that Im using 4G here in the PH. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Karryl n Joan – 11:29 AM
Good to hear (erm, see?) all your positive responses!

Karryl Sagun – 11:30 AM
Yeah internet connection is a vital factor

Richard Paul Dimalanta – 11:30 AM
More seamless i think than messenger of FB

Karryl n Joan – 11:30 AM
I guess this is where we say goodbye… for now. ;)) Thank you all for participating!!!

zarah gagatiga – 11:31 AM
Bye! Till next!

Xiu Ru Lim – 11:31 AM
Goodbye! Have a great weekend!

Karryl n Joan – 11:31 AM
We are happy that you enjoyed the Hangout today… Image 10.16.14 pm

Darrel Manuel Marco – 11:31 AM
@Richard: But 4G is hard to reach here in the province hahahahahaha

Joan Wee – 11:31 AM
Than is yuyun and all. I learn lots today. And had fun.

Darrel Manuel Marco – 11:31 AM
Bye guys!

Karryl n Joan – 11:31 AM
Have a great weekend, everyone! Make sure you visit the blog site for the complete lesson! :))

Yuyun W – 11:31 AM
Image 10.15.27 pm bye bye all, thanks for joining

zarah gagatiga – 11:31 AM
Image 10.36.47 pm

Xiu Ru Lim – 11:31 AM
We are glad to learn abt this

Karryl n Joan – 11:31 AM
Thanks, mentor Yuyun!! We learned a lot

Joan Wee – 11:31 AM
Image 10.37.01 pm

Yuyun W – 11:32 AM
i learn a lot too, despite the finger-marathon Image 10.15.27 pm

Karryl n Joan – 11:32 AM
We will be posting a wrap up in the blog site. Bye for now, everyone! twas a good hangout!

Perseus Rex Molina – 11:32 AM
Thanks too. Have a great weekend…

Darrel Manuel Marco – 11:32 AM
Image 10.37.48 pm

zarah gagatiga – 11:32 AM
We should have an EB either here in Manila or in SG sometime in the near future!

Joan Wee – 11:33 AM Agree!!!

Karryl Sagun – 11:33 AM Agree!!!!!

Xiu Ru Lim – 11:33 AM yes!

zarah gagatiga – 11:33 AM
Or when we’re all done with the 23 things…

Darrel Manuel Marco – 11:33 AM I’d love that! – 11:33 AM Bye guys ๐Ÿ™‚

zarah gagatiga – 11:34 AM
Let’s organize library visits and tours. Gosh. Like we never tire of visiting SG!

Karryl Sagun – 11:34 AM
Hahahaha true! First leg of the tour, SG, next leg, PH!!

zarah gagatiga – 11:35 AM I’m serious. Really!

Joan Wee – 11:35 AM
I love philippines too, so many nice food, people and beaches. Rizal conference coming up in oct.

zarah gagatiga – 11:35 AM
Oh. Then we have to do Manila first?

Karryl Sagun – 11:36 AM
Joan dont forget to send in your abstract… I will feed you with lots of balut and sisig Heehee bring mr choy with you

Joan Wee – 11:36 AM
Hahahahaha. Please invite mr Choy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yuyun W changed the topic to yuyun

Karryl Sagun – 11:37 AM

I will tell the conference chair heehee

zarah gagatiga – 11:37 AM
Hey, Karryl see you later! Thanks yuyun!

Yuyun W – 11:38 AM
see ya Z!

Karryl Sagun – 11:38 AM
Okiedokie! Got to go now guys, librarian duties! ;))

Joan Wee – 11:38 AM
See ya zarah!!
Bye bye

zarah gagatiga – 11:39 AM
I hope to attend the Rizal lib conference, Joan ๐Ÿ™‚

Joan Wee – 11:40 AM
Me too. Hope to see u around.

Michael Villanueva – 12:01 PM Thanks!

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