Thing 20 : Music

We are pleased to have Mr Brian Aljer B. Coballes (PH) from Ateneo de Manila High School to share his insights with us. Make sure you click all tabs (Discover, Explore, Activities and Thinking Points) to get to the end of the lesson.

Mobile Music Apps : Music on the Go!

I know everyone of us, in more than one point in our lives, have experienced one of these: While doing your exercise routine, you clip your iPod and listen to the latest dance song to energize you. When you are resting, you appreciate the soothing effect of classical music from your phone. You even feel the sadness of the rain while playing your childhood love song on your tablet. In whatever you do, you hear the sound, the rhythm, the music.

Music, therefore, has become our way of life.


  1. Double Twist – is a delicious Android music player, podcast manager and iTunes sync app. The app is free to download with in-app purchases to unlock its full capabilities.Music1


    1. Up Next – take a peek and rearrange upcoming songs and add songs, albums, or playlists.
    2. User friendly design – swipe through album covers to advance tracks, navigate album, and even adjust the settings.
    3. Rule the air – sync music, including ratings, playcounts and playlists, videos, and photos between your Mac/PC and android devices (installer is downloaded separately on Mac/PC).
    4. Wake up with your music – gently awaken to your favorite medley or violently rouse yourself from deep slumber with death metal (app is downloaded separately).

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  2. Google Play Music – is a clean music app that makes it easy to discover, play, and share music. However, access to Google Play Music is not available to all countries.Music2


    1. Cloud Library – while it doesn’t have the deep customization or power features like other music apps, Google Play Music’s value comes from its huge cloud library. After all, what’s the use of powerful music app without music to listen to?
    2. Get smart recommendations based on your tastes.

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  3. Shuttle Music Player – is simple, lightweight, and powerfulMusic3


    1. User-friendly features such as built-in equalizer, lyrics, sleep timer, gapless playback, and artwork downloading.
    2. Provide options to automatically pause playback on headset disconnect, resume on connect, and activate gapless playback.

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  4. Poweramp – an app for serious music fanatics that allows high level customization. Unfortunately, this app is available for trial only.Music4


    1. All-in-one main screen – enjoy a main screen that has a large album art and touches and gestures sensitive. The app will search and download for missing album art automatically so you don’t have to worry of annoying generic mime types.
    2. Powerful equalizer – gets into hype with 10 band graphical equalizer, preamp control, and tone controls. 16 pre-sets are already included so put your mind at ease and enjoy your favourite music.
    3. Widgets and lock screen – love the Poweramp 4×2, 2×2, 4×2, and 4×4 configurable widgets.

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  5. Spotify is a music streaming service. It is available for desktop and also mobile (see Android app and the iOS app). Listen to 23 mobile things playlist from Jan
  6. is a music discovery service, they have apps for Android and the Scrobbler app for iOS.
  7. SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform that enables users to upload, record, promote and share their original recordings. Apps are available for for Android and iOS devices.
  8. Rdio is an on-demand digital music service with a range of apps available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone.


  1. Double twist player

    • • A great way to share music – an exciting update has been released to double Twist Player that gives you the ability to share music on Facebook or Twitter. When your followers/friends click on your Facebook or Twitter link, they will be welcomed by the artist’s bio, concert dates, news and music video.
    • • Double Twist sync for Windows – using Windows app, songs can be synced to your mobile devices.


    • Terms of use of the app can be found at
  2. Soundwave is a new music start up that hopes to shake up music discovery on iPhone and Android
  3. Music with a copyleft / public domain or Creative Commons license is available via this Android app
  4. The Freegal Mobile Application is a free and legal way to access MP3 songs via subscribing libraries. If this service is offered at your local library there are mobile apps available for Android and iOS devices


Try double Twist

  1. Install the double Twist app from Google Play (Android only) or Spotify (Android and iOS).
  2. Upload songs on your device for double Twist, or make a playlist using Spotify.
  3. Share your work with our friends/followers in 23MobileThings on Facebook or Twitter. Remember to use the #23mthingsPhSg

Thinking Points

  • Despite the popularity of music apps, how else can we incorporate these in the services/projects of the library?
  • Has streaming changed the way you listen to music and how you discover new music – or if you are new to streaming – do you think it will?
  • Does your library offer a music download or streaming service for clients? How do you promote it?
  • Could you use Soundcloud to promote a local “Loud in the Library” or “Battle of the Bands” event featuring original music?
  • Producing digital music is one of the popular programs offered to teens at Chicago’s YOUmedia  library, have you considered music themed programming for your library?

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Author_Name Brian Aljer Coballes is a Librarian at Ateneo de Manila High School. He is very active in the University of the Philippines Library Science Alumni Association, where he has been serving as an officer and board member for the past several years. His speaking engagements involve digital media and, digital repositories, and open-source software. He is also a lecturer on Adobe software in the Ateneo High School.

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