Thing 21 : Voice Interaction and Recording

We are pleased to have Ms Engracia “Dhea” Santos (PH) from Rizal Library, Ateneo de Manila University to share her insights with us. Make sure you click all tabs (Discover, Explore, Activities and Thinking Points) to get to the end of the lesson.

For this week’s thing, we are going to use another salient feature of our mobile devices: using our voice to interact with our device. While this may be a considered an “old concept”, the feature has been steadily improving over the years and therefore becoming more and more popular. After all, people could talk faster than moving fingers on the keypad, and this is where the excitement begins…

Recording and sharing sound is another feature of smart phones that is getting more attention these days. Different platforms are coming out for the musical arena where users can create audio files and share these to their friends and community.

Remember, an audio-based interaction between a mobile phone and a human is an important area of Human-Computer Interface System. The audio messages may be more trustworthy, helpful, and unique than print messages. Some recent developments include emotions in audio signal such as a sigh, laugh, cry, among others.


Voice interaction functionality is a common feature in the latest smart phone releases.

Have you tried to verbally ask your phone to do something…? Have you tried verbally requesting your phone to make appointments with your professors? Or asking your phone to remind you of your date with your friend? Requesting your phone to capture your picture? How about searching your library catalogs using voice commands?

The most common applications are the following:

These type of applications use simple and common language. And what’s even more exciting is that it may reply to you in a very personal manner.

For Audio Recording you may try the following:

Recently, Google Chrome-browser launched voice controlled search. In the future, your browser may even begin to talk back.


Have you tried using any of the voice interface applications installed in your system? What I’m using is the S Voice installed in my phone. To show us how the different applications work, you may watch the following video:

How about saving or creating an audio file and share it to your friends? The link below is an actual use of AudioBoo for their library project


Voice interface Interaction
  1. Download and Install any of the free applications in your smartphone
  2. Using your phone, set an appointment
  3. Then ask for directions
  4. Finally, set a reminder
  5. Share your experience on #23mthingsPhSg!
  1. Go to the Soundcloud Website (
  2. From the menu choose explore
  3. Then click on Audiobooks
  4. Choose a book you want to listen to
  5. Share your experience on #23mthingsPhSg!


Thinking Points

  1. Would you consider using voice interaction and recording applications to give directions to your library clients? (e.g., Where is the Reference Section?)
  2. How about communicating with clients in non-traditional way? Giving clients options for listening to audio instructions rather than visual / written. Making your library materials accessible in various formats
  3. Do you have visually impaired library users who will benefit with audio instructions?
  4. How about using audio recording to promote your library? Sharing audio files freely using SoundCloud or AudioBoo?

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Engracia Engracia “Dhea” Santos is a Librarian at the American Historical Collection, Rizal Library, Ateneo de Manila University. She is a graduate of Computer Engineering from Polytechnic University of the Philippines and completed her Masters in Library and Information Science from the School of Library and Information Studies from the University of Philippines. She is keen on maximizing the use of technology for the advancement of library and its clients.

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