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Thing 10 – Social Reading

We are pleased to have Ms Zarah Gagatiga (PH) from Beacon Academy to share her insights with us. Make sure you click all tabs (Discover, Explore, and Activities) to get to the end of the lesson.

We read to know that we are not alone.
– C.S. Lewis

Reading is an interactive process. That act of encountering text and visual symbols made by an author or a team of creators from a printed or digital medium allows the reader to respond to the content and its creators in many ways. The reader’s response may initially be marginal notes on the book or notes jotted down on a journal. A reader responds by highlighting phrases and sentences or typing a reply after every chapter in the comments feature of an ereading app while reading an ebook. What’s amazing about this experience of reading and communicating with the author and creators of the content is that, readers are moved to share their responses with a wider audience. When this happens, the personal experience of reading becomes a collective. Reading as an interactive process becomes a social one.

Social reading offers the reader opportunities to reach out, to know and find out what other readers think and feel about an encountered content. By this engagement, readers share something in common otherwise argue and debate on ideas and thoughts stimulated from having read the material. At the end of the day, discussion and thoughtful discourse occur and the possibility of creating another form of idea or the opportunity of deconstructing knowledge to construct new ones is laid bare to members of a reading circle. Often times, readers are simply happy to know that they share with others the simple joys of reading and mirroring themselves in the literature of their choice.

Social reading are of two kinds: the traditional book club organized by libraries, reading groups, bookstores and community centers and the electronic format that ranges from book blogs to online reading groups like Goodreads and LibraryThing. Mobile apps that facilitate social reading  are aplenty too. Thing #10 is all about these apps and the online functionality of social reading.


  • RSS or Really Simple Syndication has been around for more than a decade now. Bloggers who wish to attract more readers to their content affix a RSS widget or embed a link in their blogs so that their readers can follow posts made on a regular basis. Feedly is one example of an app that readers can use to keep track of their favorite blogs, online magazines, videos and video clips of shows and news items.
  • Pocket is another app for keeping online content in a mobile device and reading it for later. Caught in a traffic jam? Read up saved news articles in Pocket. Off for coffee break? Bring your mobile gadget with you and read up while sipping tea or latte. With apps like Pocket, there can always be a time and space for reading.
  • Flipboard, Pulse, Newsblur are apps that aggregate social media feeds, magazine articles and newspapers that come with sharing functionality to Twitter, Facebook and Google+. is another online news aggregator but emphasizes more on its the curating functionality.

    View my Flipboard Magazine. View my Flipboard Magazine. View my Flipboard Magazine.

  • Goodreads is a virtual place where readers can compile a list of books read. Readers can also record their reading progress. Readers can recommend books via Twitter and Facebook, put in reviews and join online book clubs and reading groups according to a specific genre or reading interest.


  • Get an account in Feedly, Pocket, Flipboard and Goodreads.
  • Download the apps in your mobile phone.
  • Start creating your profile in Feedly, Pocket and Goodreads. Feel free to explore the settings and its sharing/social media functionality. Feedly and Pocket actually complement each other. What you select from Feedly can be saved in Pocket so you can read articles when you’re less busy or when it’s your free reading time.

Check out this database of Filipino Book Bloggers and Filipino Clubs.



  1. Create your “magazine” in Flipboard and start choosing Subscriptions to its list of topics.
  2. Once you have a My Magazine folder and a My Subscription selection, choose articles from there to add in your “magazine”.
  3. Invite in your “magazine” and together build contents.
  4. Share interesting articles from your “magazine” using Twitter or Facebook. Always use #23mthingsphsg when you do.

Feedly, Pocket & Goodreads

  1. In Feedly, choose and categorize articles from the list of contents.
  2. Save these articles in Pocket.
  3. In Goodreads, search for a book you’ve recently finished reading. Put that book in your My Books file/folder. Rate the book or give it some stars. Do a short review of the book and recommend the book via Twitter or Facebook. Don’t forget to tag #23mthingsphsg.
  4. Another activity you can do in Goodreads is to look for online reading groups who share the same interest as you do. Interact with them and know the latest reading trend.
  5. Look for your friends and favorite authors in Goodreads. Follow them and find out what they’re reading. Start a conversation. Ask for recommendations. Expand your reading choices and interests!

Thinking Points

  1. How ready are your library users/learning community for mobile reading?
  2. How can you use Goodreads to promote reading and books found in your library collection (print/ebook)?
  3. What is your stand on social reading as a librarian? To what extent is your concern on what readers are reading in general and what your library readers are reading at all?
  4. How does reading behavior and interest of library users helpful to you as a librarian?
  5. How can you engage readers to use apps and the library through social reading?
  6. Are you a reader yourself?
  7. What information about your library users can you derive from monitoring their reading habits and preferences using such apps?
Are you ready to conduct a book club either online or the traditional way?

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Thing 10’s Guest Blogger

Zarah-Gagatiga Zarah C. Gagatiga is a teacher librarian from the Philippines. She works in The Beacon Academy, an IB World School offering the MYP and DP. Zarah is also an influential blogger, avid storyteller, and board member of the Philippine Board on Books for Young People (PBBY) representing librarians. She is one of the staunchest advocates for books and literacy in the Philippines and had published 3 children’s books including 1 co-authored with Dianne De Las Casas, titled Tales From the 7,000 Isles: Filipino Folk Stories (ABC CLIO, 2011). Tweet her @thecoffeegoddes.