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Thing 13 : Online Identity

One of our amazing philosopher-friends from 23 Mobile Things: PH SG once said:

Funny–because there is truth in these words. In this day and age, I believe it is of utmost importance that people learn to have some sense of control over the quantity and quality of information they share about themselves,  both for personal and professional identities. It is also important to note that the pressure is much higher on us as information professionals. While oversharing, TMI (too much information), and Facebook slowly morphing into selfietown are becoming socially acceptable (or at least tolerable) phenomena, withholding too much information can be just as harmful to information professionals and libraries.

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In this Thing, we shall strive to strike the proper balance between privacy and publicity–and work this middle ground to our (and our libraries’) advantage. Make sure you click all tabs (Discover, Explore, and Activities) to get to the end of the lesson.


Who does Google say you are?

Do a quick Google search on your name (for Filipino librarians, I’m guessing board exam results should be up there). How do you like what you see?

What are the levels of online identity?

The Identity Woman ( shared by the original 23 Mobile Things ( defines and summarizes these levels accurately.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a good website/app in maintaining professional contacts. It keeps the information on your profile limited to professional activities (no cats, babies, and selfies here!) and is available on iOS and Android ( Here’s mine and Joan’s, connect with us if you wish! ;))

Here’s a short introduction to LinkedIn, from, err, LinkedIn:

Check out their YouTube channel to see more tips on how to use LinkedIn.

What is Facebook Pages+?

I’m pretty sure we all (well, at least everyone who has an account) have “liked” a Page on Facebook–the profile of our favorite band, a page sharing inspirational quotes, or an official promotional account of our favorite movies (on a side note, I have FINALLY seen E.T. (cf. Google Hangouts+ session)! Drew Barrymore is so cute). Libraries, archives, and museums around the world have been using these to promote their collection and services. Read Aaron’s posting on Facebook sharing and linking of library webpages.


1) There are significant differences between Facebook and LinkedIn. Both websites/apps have their merits, and each has its own specific use for personal and professional development. The following show the distinctions between the two, with some overlaps along the way:

Unsurprisingly, LinkedIn is on Facebook (, and Facebook is on LinkedIn (, too.

2) LinkedIn has a number of tools for librarians. This article ( from Libreaction briefly summarizes some of them.

It also stresses the role of LinkedIn not just for job hunting, but for connecting with other professionals in the field as well.

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Sorry, couldn’t resist.

3) There are different ways to discover how “popular” you are on social media. One of these apps is Klout, an app which helps people be known for what they love. You can easily find, create and share content that resonates with your audience — and then track your success using the Klout Score. This, more than being an online identity tracking tool, is also good for sharing and curating content.

4) is a free platform that allows you to create beautiful, personalized web presence easily. We sieved out some librarian profiles (including Jan Holmquist (Original 23 Mobile Things Creator), Aaron (SG), Bernadette (PH), Joan (SG) and Sharisse (PH) just for you.


  1. Create a LinkedIn account if you do not have one yet. You may do so through a computer ( or using an iOS or Android device. Start by adding our friends and colleagues here at 23 Mobile Things: PH & SG.
  2. Create a Facebook Page for your L/A/M (Libraries, Archives or Museums) ( and share it with us via the Facebook group (insert the link to our Facebook group).
  3. If you’ve already done the first two activities, you may also want to create an page to help other people discover you and what you do.
  4. Find out your Klout score (you may share it with us too) by downloading the app (iOS: Android: coming soon: You may also log-in using a computer and going directly to the Klout website:
  5. (Shameless plugging) Answer the survey ( to help us develop the rest of the course further. In the spirit of transparency, we also need this for our paper on 23 Mobile Things which we will be presenting in Hong Kong (yes, Joan and I are going on a trip! It’s for work, but still)!

Thinking Points

  1. What is the value of maintaining a LinkedIn account for an information professional? How do you think this website/app can help us grow professionally?
  2. Do you keep a separate personal and professional account on Facebook, or do you have a single account for both?
  3. What is the value of having a Facebook Page+ and a LinkedIn account for your library, archive, or museum (LAM)? Which one would you prefer to maintain?
  4. How far is too far when sharing on social media (or the Internet, in general)? Where must information professionals draw the line?
  5. Here at #23mthingsphsg we have already discussed this issue a little bit during our first Twitter convo. Click the link to refresh your memory on what we talked about during this conversation.

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Karryl Karryl is a Librarian (Reference & Information Services) at the Rizal Library of the Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines) and has been in the profession for three years now. She graduated with a BLIS from the University of the Philippines Diliman and holds a master’s degree in Technology Management from the same university.