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Thing 2 : Photo Apps (Wrap up)

Thank you all for participating! For those you haven’t uploaded their photos yet, it’s not too late! This course is meant to be self-paced so you may still share your photographs with us!  We wouldn’t want to miss your sharing. 🙂 Here are the Instagram pictures shared with #23mthingsphsg so far. It is so much fun! I now know what ISAW is and who is @prex. 😉

Some highlights of the informal twitter conversation we had this morning:
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Thing 2 : Photo Apps

What is Instagram? How similar is @ and # on Instagram and Twitter? Who should I follow? and How do I post a photo and create a photo stream, among others. We are pleased to have Hedren (SG) from NTU Libraries to share his insights with us. Make sure you click all tabs (Discover, Explore, and Activities) to get to the end of the lesson.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Yes, indeed! I enjoy taking photographs and sharing them with my family and friends. At this day and age, who doesn’t, right? However, I don’t carry my camera with me all the time (too heavy!) but my phone never leaves my side – like most of you I believe.

Today, cameras are fitted into most phones and they are getting better and better. From 2 to 5, 8, 10, 12, 20, and now 41 megapixels (this number still continues to increase), we are now armed with pixel-perfect cameras in our pockets. It is no wonder that we are taking more pictures than ever before.


What is a Photo App?
  • Explore your phone or tablet to take a photograph of your library or institution (like a sign with the name of your library or institution or the exterior of the building).
  • Locate the camera roll or gallery through the menu on your device to view the image.
  • Open Twitter from your device (remember this from Lesson 1?), attach the photo and tweet it with a short message, something like, “This is where I work, *name of the library/institution*.” Remember to use the hashtag #23mthingsPHSG.
  • See our first instagram shot under #23mthingsphsg


Okay I have to confess, I am sometimes quite reluctant to bring my DSLR camera out (for various reasons), and so it really helps that I can rely on different applications (or apps, for short) on my mobile phone to capture important moments. During my vacation in Russia last year, I actually took more photos using my mobile phone because of how I can share them instantly to my Facebook account.

What are some interesting photos-driven projects?

Types of Photo Apps

Different photo apps available today provide seamless integration with our social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, among others. These apps make is easy for us to share our experiences. Instead of taking a photo, going home, connecting and transferring to your computer, and then posting it online, mobile photo apps make it much easier to upload and publish our photographs immediately. Photo apps also provide filters or adjustment tools to enhance the look and feel of the photo. Try out some of the following photo apps, such as the following:

Adobe Photoshop Express Adobe Photoshop Express
iPhone | Android
Camera+ Camera+
Photo Editor by Aviary Photo Editor by Aviary
iPhone | Android
Pixlr Express Pixlr Express
iPhone | Android
Snapseed Snapseed
iPhone | Android
VSCO Cam Logo VSCO Cam
iPhone | Android

Another alternative for presenting photos is to create collages that combine different photos into a single post. Take more photos around your library or institution and create a collage using one of the following apps:

Fuzel Fuzel
Photo Grid PhotoGrid
iPhone | Android
PicFrame PicFrame
iPhone | Android
Pixlr Express Pixlr Express
iPhone | Android


Try out Instagram
  1. To install, download the Instagram from your mobile app store [ iPhone | Android ]. Similar to Twitter, Instagram also has hashtags. Some of the popular hashtags include the following:
    • #igers (refers to Instagrammers or people who use Instagram)
    • #selfies (refers to a picture of yourself taken by you)
    • #instamood (To show how you are feeling)
  2. Take a picture and upload with the #23mthingsPhSG hashtag. It can be a picture of your meal (or even your outfit of the day –#OOTD if you are brave!) or just about anything that you want to share with other participants
  3. Type in a description. Something like :

    Hello, everyone! I am *YOUR NAME* from *YOUR COUNTRY*. This is *YOUR FOOD*. #23mthingsphsg
    Hello, everyone! I am *YOUR NAME* from *YOUR COUNTRY*. This is my #OOTD! #23mthingsphsg

  4. Make sure you share via Twitter so we can “see” your photograph
  5. Alternatively, you can use any other photo apps to take a photo and share it on Twitter with the #23mthingsPhSG hashtag
  6. Share your photo on Instagram and Twitter and see the feeds here:
  7. Go to Instagram tips to learn how to take a photo and find your way around the app

Thinking Points

  • When was the last time you printed out photographs you have taken? What could be the reason behind this?
  • How could your library use photographs to promote library services, events and activities?
  • Do you have a permission form available so that when you take photographs of clients or events, you have their agreement for those images to be used and shared online?
  • How easy is it for clients to contribute digital photographs to your library collection (eg. local history)?
  • Share your thoughts with us @twitter #23mthingsphsg or leave a comment here.


Through the mobile and mobile apps, it is so easy for us to create and publish content. And in today’s online world, your content needs to be shared in order to be seen. However, how do you protect and encourage sharing and re-using of your content at the same time? Well, Creative Commons is the way to go. Understand more about it through the short guide below.

Remix from the original 23 Mobile things :
23 Mobile Things – Thing 2
ANZ 23 Mobile things – Thing 2

Thing 2′s Guest Blogger:

Hedren Hedren Sum is an Assistant Librarian (New Media Group) and Art Librarian (Design) at the Nanyang Technological University. He has more than 7 years experience on designing promotional materials. As part of this job, Hedren is constantly exploring and leveraging on different media to engage library users for teaching and learning. Follow him on Facebook, Slideshare and Linkedin, where he frequently shares interesting news and tips on design.