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Thing 3 : Email Marketing (wrap-up)

Thank you for the very positive feedback and questions on Thing 3 : Email Marketing! As we haveΒ shared, making mobile-friendly email for library announcement or outreach can be easy. Here are some of the lovely works from our #23mthingsphsg participants.

Thing 3 : Email Marketing (Twitter Convo)

Some highlights of the informal Twitter conversation we had this morning (1 February 2014):
































Thing 3 : Email Marketing

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eMail on the move was the initial title for Thing #3 of 23 Mobile Things. Karryl and I talked about it and thought most people must have already set up email account(s) with their mobile device–thus, it seems too narrow a scope if we keep it as eMail on the move. That being said, we think it is even more important for us to realise how important it is for our email-marketing messages to be mobile-friendly in order to be effective since many people view emails via mobile devices nowadays.

Mobile-friendly e-Mailer versus a Mobile-unfriendly e-Mailer

E-mail is an indispensable part of daily life. For example, if you forget a password the most common fix is to have a new one emailed to you. So why not have it handy on your mobile device? You can choose to use the email feature built into your device, or you can find an app that you prefer, there are many to choose from. – Mylee Joseph


  • Look into your settings to enter the details of your Gmail or any other email address. (Note: you may need some extra information to attach your work or home email eg. POP or IMAP Email server settings and ports)
  • View this online tutorial on Gmail for mobile devices
  • Try sending an email to the course authors at or to a friend.
  • Create a signature for your emails sent using your mobile device. I think this is important because lets the recipients know that the email will be brief as it is being sent from a mobile device. (note : See steps for Android phone and iphone)
  • Take a photo and email it to yourself (NOTE: Take the photo first. From the camera roll, you will have an option to send it via email)


  • Check out some of the email apps out there – often they have better interfaces than your default phone app. Here’s a list of recommended apps for iPhone and for Android.
  • Consider whether you want to receive β€œpush” notifications (pop-ups for new emails) or whether you would rather check your email at a time that suits you.
  • Take note of email etiquette for mobile devices. It doesn’t give you the excuse to overuse abbreviations or make too much typos.
How to Create Mobile Responsive e-Newsletters

Here are some popular tools that can help you create e-newsletters that are mobile friendly without having to understand HTML-5 or using any webkit.

How to Embed Videos in your Email

Videos have become a BIG thing in conveying messages nowadays, and technology has made embedding videos so much easier in emails. (More will be covered in Lesson #6 – Video). Gmail allows you to embed a YouTube video in an email–thus allowing one to to send videos via email without chucking up too much mailbox space.

  1. Right-click the YouTube video that you want to insert and select “Copy Video URL” from the window that appears.
  2. Right-click anywhere inside the “Message” field on the Gmail screen and select “Paste.”
  3. Click “Send.” The recipient will see the email as per below. Please note only recipients using Gmail accounts will be able to see it like this.


Read also Pinpointe’s article on How to embed video in email.


  1. Create an e-Newsletter using flashissue.
  2. Email it to us at or to a friend.
  3. Take a screenshot of your e-newsletter and share it with us via Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #23mthingsphsg. (NOTE : See steps on how to take screenshots with Android and iPhone)

Sample e-Newsletter created using flashissue

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Joan Joan is a Senior Librarian (New Media) at Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and has been in the profession for nearly five years now. Her forte lies in using social media and mobile tools. She graduated with a BSSc from National University of Singapore and holds a Master in Information Studies from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.