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Joanne Pang

Class of 2009

Major: Visual Communication

Focus: Art Direction, Branding, Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Photography, Print Design, Typography

Website: http://www.joannepang.com

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Joanne Pang (b. 1986, Singapore) is an artist and award winner graphic designer and photographer based in Singapore and Copenhagen. She lives and works in situ. She goes into the relationship between space, body and how it reflects in the poetics between man and the environment. She works site specific. In 2012, she was the overall winner for Body-theme Category at Singapore Young Photography Awards and in 2013, she was a Finalist in the Photography category at the European Commission Multimedia Completion in Brussels. Her first visual art solo exhibition, ‘It’, held at a void deck in Singapore in 2009. The project won her a Gold medal in the Multidisciplinary Category at the Singapore Design Awards 2012 . In the same award, she received a Bronze Medal. Publication Category for ‘Several Islands’. She has made large-scale site-specific art installation for Roskilde Festival, Denmark (2011), BKS Garage, Denmark (2011) and Mustarinda Summer Exhibition, Finland (2012). Her works has been presented at Singapore Art Museum (Singapore), The Museum of Modern Art, Toyama (Japan) and Kusthal Charlottenborg (Denmark). In 2012, She founded YUNRUBIN with Jonas Rubin with main artistic inquiry into materiality, place and structure within a given environment. Joanne Pang holds a Bachelor of Fine Art (Visual Communication) from The School of Art, Design and Media, NTU, Singapore and a Master of Fine Arts from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, School of Visual Art in Copenhagen, Denmark.