ADM Network is a platform targeted at the alumni of The School of Art, Design & Media (ADM), Nanyang Technological University (NTU). The objective of the platform is to allow alumni to maintain a creative profile, to showcase their own original creative work and to discover works by other ADM alumni. Therefore, to ensure that we uphold the quality of the community, please adhere to the following guidelines when accessing ADM Network.



Upload original work only

ADM Network is a platform for sharing and showcasing original creative works – not for uploading or sharing creative works by others. Therefore, please do not upload creative works by others into your Profile. If you like or wanted to show appreciation to a work by someone else, feel free to comment or use the sharing buttons at the bottom of the project pages to promote their work through your social networks or profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest.


Share content that are suitable for people of all ages globally

As content from ADM Network is visible to the Internet community and also a platform that reflect your alma mater, NTU ADM, we need to ensure that they are safe and suitable. Therefore, do not share works that contains nudity, violence, offensive and mature content of any kind. This also applies to your profile picture. While we respect the artistic integrity of your works, ADM Network currently do not support such content and will continue to develop the site keeping the main objective of ADM Network (as stated above) in mind.


Respect intellectual property

All works uploaded to ADM Network are licensed to the author under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) by default. As authors, however, you are able to change and assign other rights to your own works, that is No Rights Reserved, All Rights Reserved or No License. If you would like to learn more about Creative Commons or copyright, you can access the 5-minute Guide on Creative Commons and visit the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) website.


Have meaningful interactions

Keep in touch! Feel free to communicate and express yourself using the comment and social-sharing features at ADM Network. However, all of us are different and may have different beliefs. Therefore, be respectful and nice to each other. Do not spam, harass, abuse, intimidate, impersonate, vent your frustrations or rants.


In Conclusion

The above guidelines are crafted for ADM alumni to enjoy sharing and keep in touch with other ADM alumni.

If you would like to feedback on the above guidelines or report misuse of your own creative works or violations of any of the above guidelines, please email NTU Libraries – New Media Group at Violators or anyone who jeopardize, threaten or damage our community may have their accounts discontinued or may be reported to the relevant authorities.